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The steps you should take if you experience unforeseen circumstances, such as a breakdown or if you are running late. 

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There are steps to follow if you are involved in a breakdown or experience delays when operating transport services for the council.

Your duty as the operator is always to operate the call-off contract without failure. You are obliged to cover all foreseeable staff or vehicle deficiencies.  They may arise from time to time.  

The operator may need to make alternative arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes:

  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • driver illness
  • events such as road works or traffic accidents

This could include hiring in the services of another operator to ensure the passengers complete their journey, in accordance with the terms of the call-off contract.  

 The driver or passenger assistant must remain with the passengers in the vehicle unless circumstances require evacuation of the vehicle. In which case either the driver or passenger assistant must go with the passengers to a place of safety. 

The school or day centre and the council should be informed by the operator when a delay occurs to morning service. They must also inform us of the action taken to address the delay. This should be done as soon as possible.

On the homeward journey, the operator must inform ourselves immediately as well as parents/carers of the passengers. 

 It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure the services of another operator fulfils requirements of the contract. They must ensure the vehicle hired:

  1. Is in receipt of an up-to-date  MOT and suitably maintained as well as insured & taxed; 

  2. Conforms to minimum seating requirements. Any particular features that are required by the call-off contract are included. For example, wheelchair accessible 

All drivers and passenger assistant must be suitably licensed and vetted.



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