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Information about Blyth crematorium, including opening times, facilities, what to expect, the book of remembrance and the garden of remembrance.

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All enquiries should be forwarded to 

Contact details

Cowpen Road  Blyth  NE24 5SZ 

Blyth Crematorium office is open as set out below:    

Day of the week 

Morning times 

Afternoon times 



2pm to 4pm 


10am to 12noon 

2pm to 4pm 


10am to 12noon 

2pm to 4pm 


10am to 12noon 

2pm to 4pm 




Facilities at the crematorium

  • toilets 
  • disabled access 
  • wheelchair facilities 
  • book of remembrance room 
  • garden of remembrance 
  • burial chapel 
  • crematorium chapel

O​ffice opening hours: 

  • Monday to Thursday, 8am to noon and 1pm to 4.30pm 
  • Friday, 8am to noon and 1pm to 4pm 

Northumberland Crematorium, Felton: 

An independently run crematorium, opened in 2022. 
Bockenfield Wood,
NE65 9QJ 

Phone: 01670 708 479 

We kindly ask tokens of remembrance are not placed in the gardens as they quickly deteriorate and soon become unsightly.

For those who wish to bring flowers for special occasions or anniversaries, we respectfully suggest they are placed in the book of remembrance room. 

When do services take place?

Services may take place, Monday to Friday between 9.15am and 3.15pm, at 45-minute intervals. Services should be booked with the crematorium at least three working days in advance. 

How long does the service last?

A full service will last approximately 20 minutes. If you would like a longer service or expect a large attendance number, it is possible to arrange additional time for a small charge. 

Can the service take place at a church?

You can choose to have the full service in the crematorium chapel or part of the service can be held in your own church, with a short committal ceremony held at the crematorium.   

Alternatively, the full service can be held in your own church with the coffin brought for cremation with no further ceremony. The coffin will still be brought into the chapel and placed on the catafalque (raised platform) before entering the crematory.   

When choosing a ceremony option, consult with the officiating minister to ensure the appointment is suitable to all parties.  

Do we have to use a hearse to bring the coffin to the crematorium?

It is not necessary to use a hearse to bring the coffin to the crematorium. When arranging personalised funerals, you may choose to use estate cars or hire a van.

You could also use a biodegradable (cardboard) coffin, instead of the usual veneered coffin. 

How much does a cremation cost?

What paperwork is necessary?

You will need to inform the hospital or medical practitioner, who last attended the deceased, of the cremation taking place. The crematorium or funeral director will require: 

  • Two cremation certificates, statutory form four and statutory form five. 
  • Form four is signed by the doctor who last attended the deceased, setting out the cause of death and any other circumstances surrounding it. 
  • Form five is completed by another doctor not involved in the treatment of the deceased. 
  • Application for cremation form, form one, signed by the next of kin. 
  • Notice of cremation form - if you are using a funeral director, they will have this or the crematorium office can provide it. 
  • Registration certificates, part B and C. 
  • The coroner’s order for cremation or registration certificates part B and C for cremation or burial. 

All statutory forms must be delivered to the crematorium no later than 11am the day before the funeral service, as they need to be signed off by an independent medical referee.

What happens to the ashes?

The crematorium will need written instructions for the service and disposal of the cremated remains.

The office will issue a cremated remains release certificate before they are able to release the remains. There are many options to choose from regarding the ashes.   


After cremation, we can place the ashes in an urn that has been provided by you, or we can provide one for you. 

Scattering of the ashes 

The ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium. If you would like to scatter the ashes elsewhere, you must seek the permission of the landowner. To scatter the ashes at sea, you must obtain permission from the harbour master.    

Burial of the remains 

 Ashes can be buried in a cremated remains plot at the crematorium, with a bronze memorial plaque. Each plot can hold up to four cremated remains. Ashes can also be buried in a family grave plot. 


There are various types of memorial and remembrance schemes available through Northumberland County Council. 

Book of remembrance

The book has been individually designed and produced by artist-craftsmen and is kept at the crematorium in the book of remembrance room. This is a reflective, quiet space for people to use whenever they want to. It is open 365 days a year.   

The book will be opened on the anniversary of the date of death. A page is allotted to each day of the year.  Relatives and friends may have a memorial entry recorded in the book on the date of death.   

Regimental, civic and other suitable decorations can be added at an extra cost to entries of no less than five lines. The inscriptions are in black, red and gold and can be seen at the crematorium.   Heraldry and floral motifs are rendered in full colour in the book.   

Book of remembrance room opening times: 

  • April to September - opens at 8am and closes at 8pm 
  • October to March - opens at 8am and closes at 6:30pm 

The door in the book of remembrance room will automatically be locked at closing time each day, however any person still in the room will still be able to leave. 

Garden of remembrance

The garden of remembrance has been constructed as a memorial to all who have been cremated at Blyth crematorium. The many trees, shrubs and flowers are for the benefit of those who find the garden sacred.   

Relatives of the deceased are asked to refrain from placing tokens of remembrance of any kind in the gardens, as they quickly deteriorate.   

If you would like to bring flowers for special occasions or anniversaries, we respectfully suggest that these are placed in the book of remembrance room.  


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