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Information on our civil enforcement vehicles and what they monitor. 

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The council has an enforcement vehicle which is used to increase road safety outside of schools within Northumberland. It is also being used to tackle the problems caused by cars stopping or parking in Bus Stops. An enforcement vehicle is used to increase road safety outside schools in Northumberland. This is being used to tackle problems caused by stopping cars or vehicles parking in bus stops.   

The vehicle is easily recognisable, displaying Northumberland County Council’s logo and camera enforcement logo as well as the ‘Be a Smarter Parker’ branding.   

The vehicle enforces school keep clear restrictions across the county.   

The council cannot use the enforcement vehicle to enforce other parking restrictions such as single and double yellow lines.

Why are we using an enforcement vehicle?

The council regularly receives complaints about road safety concerns outside of our schools, including: 

  • inconsiderate parking 
  • the safety of children accessing school 
  • speeding 

We work regularly with schools, parents and residents to help reduce these safety issues, but concerns continue to grow. From experience, we know the presence of civil enforcement officers improves the behaviour of drivers. Therefore, we are using our enforcement vehicle as part of the measures to deal with parking problems more effectively.   

We hope the vehicle will promote safe parking outside schools and encourage alternative methods of how to get to and from school.    

The vehicle can also be used to enforce our Bus Stops and Bus Stands.  When a vehicle stops or parks in a bus stop or stand it makes it difficult for a bus to pull into its designated stopping place. This then stops the flow of traffic but it also endangers the passengers getting on and off the bus, especially disabled people and people with young children and pushchairs.    

It also makes bus journeys longer and because they run to a tight timetable we get complaints from bus companies about illegal parking in bus stops. 

What does it monitor?

When being used for school enforcement the vehicle monitors school keep clear restrictions and the camera will be used to capture vehicles breaking parking regulations.   

When being used for Bus Stop enforcement, the camera captures any vehicle parked or stopped in the bus stop.    

The owner of the vehicle will then be sent a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by post.  

What happens if I get a parking ticket?

If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) it means our camera has captured your vehicle breaking the rules of a school keep clear restriction or has been captured stopped in a bus stop. You need to follow the instructions on the PCN which tells you about the appeals process or alternatively, pay a PCN online.      

Raising awareness


We work with our schools and partners to promote the enforcement vehicle. We have worked in partnership with the Go Smarter team to produce a promotional video as part of the ‘Be a smarter parker’ campaign. The video aims to encourage parents and carers to think carefully when parking near to a school.  

We are also keen to carry out visits to schools to talk about road safety and to give children and teachers an opportunity to look inside the vehicle and learn more about how enforcement is carried out. Please contact parking services for further information or to arrange a visit. 

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