What is community transport intro?

Inclusive, volunteer-based transport services.

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Community transport is usually developed for specific needs. It is run by volunteers for the local community on a not-for-profit basis.

Users are generally unable to access mainstream public transport. This may be because they have mobility difficulties or have no public transport service available to them.

This may be because of isolation in remote rural areas or because of low incomes. These community transport users would otherwise experience social exclusion.

The council’s role in community transport widens social inclusion. Improving access to work, learning, and health facilities. We work alongside the North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust in order to optimise the transport solutions offered.

Community transport operations in Northumberland are: 

  • Registered companies or charities who prioritise transport for those who need it most. 

  • Social enterprises with a clear mission: 

    • This allows them to generate their own income by providing services, by applying for grant aid, or via donations. 

    • If any surplus is generated, it is reinvested back into the social enterprise. 

    • Operational due to input from volunteers, either in management or administration. 

Community transport toolkit 

Where communities have significant access issues, here you will find a toolkit to maximise public transport and access in the community:

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