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Details of Valid Documentation by Group

The most common documentation that are used to prove ID are listed below, however the list is not exhaustive. 

 Group 1

  • Current valid passport   
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)  
  • Current Driving Licence Photocard – (Full or Provisional)
  • UK  Birth Certificate (UK and Channel Islands) – issued within 12 months of date of birth

 Group 2a  

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate (UK & Channel Islands) – issued after 12 months of date of birth  
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (UK, Channel Islands)  
  • HM Forces ID Card (UK)  
  • Firearms Licence (UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man)    

Group 2b  

  • Financial Statement – e.g.  ISA, pension, endowment (UK) **  
  • P45/P60 (UK & Channel Islands) **  
  • Council Tax Statement (UK & Channel Islands) **  
  • Work Permit/VISA (UK)    Utility Bill (UK) *   
  • Benefit Statement * - e.g. Child Benefit, Pension  
  • Official Document * from DWP or HMRC   
  • Bank/Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter * 

  If a document is: 

  • Denoted with * - it should be less than 3 month old 
  • Denoted with * * - it should be issued within 12 months 
  • Not denoted - must still be valid 


What ID do I need to present? 

The ID process is split into 'ID routes'. Each route is dependent on what ID can be produced and what 'group' it falls into. The groups are identified below. 

The ID routes are: 

Route One 

Can the applicant produce a Group 1 document? If yes, then the applicant must produce 3 documents.  

  • One document from Group 1 and  
  • Two further documents from Group 1, 2a or 2b, one of which must verify their current address. 

If an applicant cannot produce a document from Group 1 then go to Route Two. 

Route Two  

The applicant must produce 3 documents from Group 2 comprising of: 

  • One document from Group 2a and  

  • Two further documents from Group 2a or 2b, one of which must verify their current address. 

We will then need to ensure an External ID Validation Service is used to check the applicant’s details.   

If the External Validation Service fails to confirm the identity of the applicant, then go to Route Three. 

Route Three 

The applicant must produce:  

  • A certified copy of a UK birth certificate*; and  
  • Four further documents from Group 2 comprising of: one document from Group 2a; and three further documents from Group 2a or 2b, one of which must verify their current address. 

If an applicant cannot provide these documents, they may need to undergo finger printing.    


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