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Invoices and receiving payment intro

You will need to send the council an invoice covering the work performed during the previous month. This invoice should be in a form approved by the council.

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We want to make sure you are paid for your contracts accurately and promptly. We've outlined the steps you need to take below.

When you are awarded a new call-off contract, you will receive a new purchase order. Purchase orders will also be issued to you at the beginning of each financial year for all contracts you are operating at that point. 

 A purchase order confirms our (the purchaser) order of the service which is to be provided by you (the supplier). It sets out some of the key details of the service to be provided and includes the details of agreed costs. 

Invoices and receiving payment

You will need to send the council an invoice covering the work performed during the previous month. This invoice should be in a form approved by the council.   

If the below information is not included on your invoice and/or you do not follow this process, the invoice will be returned to you, which will result in a delay in payment. 

What should I do if I am VAT registered?

The amount of VAT added, if any, must be shown separately on the invoice.

When should I submit my invoice?

You should submit your invoice within 15 days after the end of each month. Under no circumstances must invoices be submitted to the council before all work performed has been completed. On the other hand, please do not sit on invoices. It is important that all invoices are submitted at the end of each month for financial monitoring. 

What information do I need to include on my invoice?

Your invoice must indicate: 

  • Your purchase order number - this can be found at the top right-hand side of your official order. 
  • route number  
  • invoice number  
  • invoice date  
  • Month for which you are claiming for - please make sure you only claim for one month per invoice.  
  • number of days claimed  
  • daily rate  
  • Net/VAT/Gross total  
  • Name and full address 

Who should I send my invoices to?

Invoices should be emailed to and only as a last resort posted to: 
Accounts Payable  
Northumberland County Council  
County Hall  
NE61 2EF 

When will I get paid?

Payment by the council shall be made monthly in arrears. More specifically, the council shall pay the operator named in the call-off contract within 30 days the amount claimed, unless the council has within that time notified the operator that it disputes or is investigating any information contained within the invoice.   

How will I get paid?

All payments will be made by BACS and a remittance advice will be provided by the council to the operator. 

If I have a query regarding my invoice who should I contact?

In the first instance of any query, please contact our accounts payable team on 01670 624817. Do not contact the passenger transport team.

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