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What is a DBS check and how to apply intro

Find out about the council's policy on DBS checks, how to apply, and what to do when you receive your DBS disclosure.

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What is the council's policy on DBS checks?  

  • DBS disclosures will only be accepted if the application is carried out by us, or the applicant has joined the DBS Update Service. If not, another DBS check must be undertaken through the council. 
  • If checked by another local authority, the applicant must be a member of the DBS Update Service and the original disclosure must be produced to ourselves. 
  • If a DBS disclosure does not have the correct 'Workforce' level check carried out, a new DBS check must be undertaken. 


Application, the ID process, cost and more 

How do I apply for a DBS Check?

An online application needs to be completed (we will send the applicant the link) but before we do that an ID check must be undertaken. We will make an appointment with the applicant for the ID check to be undertaken.  

What workforce category are drivers and passenger transport assistants classified under when deployed on Council call-off contracts?

The Workforce Categories are: 

  • Child Workforce  
  • Adult Workforce  
  • Child & Adult Workforce  
  • Other Workforce (this could include taxi drivers). The DBS will only carry out the relevant category check for the position applied for. 

For our purposes, the type and level of check required is: 

  • 'Child & Adult Workforce' - for passenger transport assistant’s and PSV licensed drivers 
  • 'Other Workforce' - for taxi drivers 

All checks are to be undertaken at the 'Enhanced' level. 

What must I do when I receive my DBS Disclosure?

We don’t receive a copy of your DBS Disclosure (the Disclosure Certificate is sent to you as the applicant only). Therefore, you must produce the DBS Disclosure to us within 19 days of receiving the certificate.

After this time, the disclosure may be deemed as invalid unless you have joined the Update Service.   

Once the disclosure has been viewed, an 'Approved Driver/Passenger Transport Assistant Badge' is issued.

What is the cost of DBS Disclosures?

Currently, DBS checks carried out by us cost: 

  • £64 for drivers
  • £44 for passenger transport assistants. 

The charge is payable by the applicant or their employer prior to the application being submitted. Any on-costs are payable by the applicant or their employer, e.g. External Validation Service or finger printing

How often do I need to apply for a DBS check?

DBS checks are required every three years for:

  • PSV licensed Drivers
  • Passenger Transport Assistants.

Taxi drivers undertake a DBS check every year as part of the annual renewal of their taxi license. 

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