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Mental health and wellbeing introduction

We offer a range of mental health support and advice, emphasising the importance of mental wellbeing for overall health.

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Mental health

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. One in four people in the UK experienced mental health issues in the last year? This means that most people in England know someone with mental health problems or have personally experienced them.   But we don’t need to wait until we are struggling with our mental health; there are lots of things we can do to protect ourselves and prevent problems escalating, just as we do with our physical health.

Easy Access Support Line

Local mental health charity, Mind, offer a range of services to anyone aged 16 or over living in Newcastle, Gateshead or Northumberland and in need:

  • Support Line hours are 7 days per week (8am to 10pm).
  • Telephone 0191 477 4545 or 0330 174 3174 (Calls are charged at a local rate).

Every Mind Matters - great tips on how to look after your mental health

Advice and guidance on how to feel more in control, deal with stress and anxiety, boost your mood and help you sleep. Find out more at the NHS website - Every Mind Matters.


There are a number of free services available through the Northumberland County Council Wellbeing team. They can work with you on, how making some simple lifestyle choices, can improve health and finances. For example, the savings that can be made from quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, healthy cooking on a budget or exploring some of the free options around increasing your physical activity. Visit our specialist wellbeing pages: 

Young people's mental health

Everyone feels sad, worried or stressed sometimes, but if these feelings are starting to impact you a lot, remember you are not alone and there is lots of help available for you.

Key websites

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Kooth logo


Kooth is an online mental health service for people aged 10 to 25.

Childline logo


Check out childline's toolbox with tools to find ways to cope or get creative and let your feelings out.

Young minds logo

Young Minds

Learn about Young minds who are there for young people's mental health.

Be You logo

Be you

Visit Be you to find out more about self-help and helping others.

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