Challenge a parking fine

How to challenge a parking fine, also known as Penalty Charge Notice. 

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Informal representation 

An informal representation is what we call a challenge made any time up to receiving a ‘notice to owner’. 

We carefully consider all evidence and write to you with the outcome, explaining our decision. 

The Penalty Charge Notice will be frozen from the day we receive your challenge until we reply. If you challenged within the 14 days, we’ll offer a further 14 days to pay the charge at the reduced rate. 

If your informal representation is rejected and you want to challenge it further, you need to wait until you receive a ‘notice to owner’ and make a ‘formal representation’. A notice to owner will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. At this stage only the registered keeper can formally challenge the Penalty Charge Notice, unless they give us written permission to correspond with someone else.   

Formal representation   

A formal representation form is included with your Notice to Owner. To submit a formal representation, please complete the form, quoting your penalty charge notice number on all correspondence, and: 

After you have made a formal representation, you will receive either a: 

  • Notice of acceptance – explaining that your PCN has been cancelled.

  • Notice of rejection – explaining that you need to pay the PCN at the full rate or make an appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. 

If you don’t pay the penalty charge or appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal before the end of the period outlined on the notice, we’ll send a charge certificate confirming that the fee has increased by 50%. You can’t appeal any further at this stage. 

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