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How to appeal a decision made about your  parking fine (Penalty Charge Notice) at a Traffic  Penalty Tribunal.

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Appeals to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

If you’re appealing because you have a valid permit, blue badge or pay and display ticket, include a photocopy with your appeal. Here are some other reasons that may give you grounds for an appeal: 

  • You can prove the alleged contravention didn’t occur. 

  • You have never owned the vehicle in question. 

  • You were not the owner of the vehicle on the date the contravention occurred. If you bought or sold the vehicle, you must give the new or former owner’s name and address if you have it. Also provide the date of the transaction and any other details and include any documents such as an invoice or bill of sale. 

  • The contravention occurred while your vehicle was being used by someone else without your consent. Provide any supporting material you may have e.g. crime reference or insurance claim reference. 

  • The order was invalid as the council did not comply with the statutory requirements when making the order. Please explain why you believe the order in question is invalid. 

  • The vehicle is owned by a vehicle-hire firm and the vehicle was on hire to someone under a formal hiring agreement. Supply a copy of the hire agreement clearly showing the name and address of the person hiring the vehicle. This agreement must contain a statement of liability signed by the hirer and acknowledging the hirer's liability for the payment of penalty charges. 

  • The penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case. 

  • There has been a procedural impropriety on the part of the council. 

  • The Penalty Charge Notice has already been paid in full or has been paid at the reduced amount within the 14-day early payment period. 

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