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What are highways searches and how to undertake one. 

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What is a highway search?

Highway searches are undertaken by developers, statutory undertakers (such as utility and telecoms companies) and solicitors to see if a road forms part of the highway and is maintainable at public expense (S36, Highways Act 1980).

Highway searches are normally carried out as part of the conveyance process (CON29) when buying or selling a property, examining whether the property borders a highway maintainable at public expense.   

Highway searches may happen for other reasons. For example, a specific query about the length and width of a highway, alignment issues and public access queries. 

How do I undertake a highway search?

You can undertake a highway search online yourself. There is no charge for this service. Go to the map of public highways and you’ll be able to see if a highway is maintainable at public expense.   

The information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge but doesn’t provide information on the width of a highway across the whole network and cannot purport to be an accurate surveyed record at site plan scales.   

The council accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information if used for conveyance purposes. 

How do I request a CON29 search?

For a full land search (which includes a highway search), please go to CON29 searches for more information

Gaining specific information

If you’d like more information about the status, width or extent of a highway than is provided, you can submit an email request: highwaysearch@northumberland.gov.uk   

Where the email request is for a map of the extent of the highway and additional questions, the standard charge is £40.  Please provide a postcode or the co-ordinates/grid reference of the property, and a location plan highlighting the property boundary.   

The search query will normally be answered within three to five working days of confirmation of the online payment, BACS transfer or receipt of the cheque. 

Ways to pay

You have three options for paying for your highway search. Complete an online form and, once you have paid online, we will be alerted and will schedule your email request for a response. 

Pay by BACS using the following details:   

Bank: Barclays Receipts Account 
Account No: 53023915 
Sort Code: 20-58-25 
Reference: HS203100320081   
Please issue a remittance advice to Cashiersfinance@northumberland.gov.uk

Or post to:   
Northumberland County Council Cashiers 
County Hall 
NE61 2EF   

Alternatively, you can submit an email request and send a cheque for £40, payable to Northumberland County Council, to:   
Infrastructure Records Team 
Technical Services 
Northumberland County Council 
County Hall
NE61 2EF   

Please provide a reference to the cheque in the email request. If you don’t have access to email, you can send your request in writing. 


If you require detailed information on the width of the highways and its position in relation to a property boundary you can submit an email request to highwaysearch@northumberland.gov.uk   

Information relating to new developments and the highway adoption process please email  


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