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Information on the responsibilities we have to assist in the management of flood risk.  

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Northumberland County Council is the lead local flood authority (LLFA) for Northumberland as defined by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

As a result, the council has a number of duties and responsibilities to assist in the management of flood risk from local sources within our administrative boundary. Sources of flood risk identified as local by the act include: 

  • surface water 
  • ordinary watercourses 
  • groundwater 
  • lakes 
  • small reservoirs 

Roles and responsibilities for flooding document     

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment for Northumberland  

PFRA Addendum 

Local flood risk management strategy

In our role as LLFA, we have developed a local flood risk management strategy, which outlines how we manage flooding in our area and work with other authorities to manage all sources of flooding.   

The strategy plays an important role in formalising an integrated approach to local flood risk management in Northumberland by identifying local objectives and setting out measures with short, medium and long-term actions. This approach helps us manage the risk in a way that delivers the greatest benefit to our residents, businesses and the environment.   

The draft strategy was prepared using feedback from a consultation exercise in the summer of 2014, which provided residents, businesses and organisations the opportunity to share their opinions and personal experiences of flood risk management in the county.   

The draft strategy was made available for consultation between February and April 2015 and closed for comments on 24 April 2015. The strategy was formally approved for implementation by the county council 4 November 2015.    

Local flood risk management strategy documents 

If would like to find out more about the council’s flood risk management functions, please email FCERM@northumberland.gov.uk 

Flood risk management schemes

Northumberland County Council has been granted funding as part of the government's The Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme (FCRIP). Our project, Next Generation Flood Resilience, focuses on enhancing the flood warning systems to rural communities using artificial intelligence technology. To find out more follow the link - Next Generation Flood Resilience 

To find out more about our flood and coastal risk management schemes click on the interactive map
Northumberland County Council is part of the Northumbria Integrated Drainage Partnership (NIDP), a partnership of Northumbrian Water, the north east LLFA's and Environment Agency, working together to reduce our communities' risk of flooding from all sources.  
To find out more about the flood risk studies we are involved in, please visit - NWL Community Portal  

Flood resilience

Improve your resilience to flooding: 

Guides on managing surface water at home:

If you own land or property where a watercourse, culvert, ditch, stream runs through or adjoins your land you are deemed riparian owner. Find out more about owning a watercourse.


Reporting a flood

If you would like to report a flood on your property from a local source, please fill out the flood investigation form. If you are suffering from a flooding incident now and require assistance, please contact your emergency services.    

You can report flooding here.

If you are concerned about flooding from a main river or the sea, you should contact the Environment Agency.  

Check the main river map   

If you are concerned there may be a blockage in the public sewer, you should contact Northumbrian Water

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