Report flooding and blocked gullies intro

How to report flooding on Northumberland’s roads or paths or a blocked gully and information on drainage in private houses.

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Road gullies and drains

If it’s an emergency please call Northumberland County council immediately on 0345 600 6400. 

A road gully is a large pot covered by a metal grid and is usually found at the edge of a road. It’s used to drain water off the paved surface into a piped system or roadside ditch. Blocked gullies are one of the reasons why water on the highway may not drain away.   

Gullies in public areas are maintained by the council and are cleaned regularly. Gullies on private land must be looked after by landowners. 

Drainage in private houses

Northumbrian Water now looks after all drains and sewers in Northumberland connected to the public sewerage system. You are responsible for the section of pipe that’s within the boundaries of your property and which serves your property only.   

If a section of pipe that is shared or is outside your property’s boundary gets blocked, contact Northumbrian Water. They can also investigate if you’re not sure where the blockage is. 

 Customer service: 0345 733 5566 

Emergency contact number: 0800 393084

Will the council clear or repair drains? 

Northumberland County Council is not responsible for clearing drains on private or commercial premises. You can contact a private drainage company who will come and clear the blockage. Many companies advertise in the Yellow Pages.   

You should always confirm their charges and agree exactly what they will do before authorising them to do the work. If you’re a council tenant, contact your housing agency.    

One of the pipes that supplies my house is blocked, but the blockage is in my neighbour’s property. What can I do? 

Contact Northumbrian Water Customer service: 0345 733 5566  Emergency: 0800 393084

Why does my council tax not cover the maintenance of my drains? 

We don’t own any drains or sewers, except those serving our own premises. We are responsible for highway drainage, but this is separate from buildings. 

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